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STOP the SOCRE Project

Transformer substation

Nothing says “Welcome to Historic San Juan Capistrano” like a massive electrical substation.

SDG&E proposes to more than double the size of the existing substation on Camino Capistrano, demolishing the old historical building that has existed on that site since 1918, and replacing it with two 45- to 50-foot-tall buildings and a 10-foot-high, 360-foot-long wall (the length of a football field), right in the middle of dense residential neighborhoods and at the northern entrance to our historical downtown area.

Drawing of the proposed SDG&E 5-6 story substation "enhancement" in San Juan Capistrano.

Drawing of the proposed SDG&E 5-6 story substation “enhancement” in San Juan Capistrano.

1918 neo-classic structure at the SDG&E San Juan Capistrano substation

The existing circa 1918 neo-classic structure at the San Juan Capistrano substation on Camino Capistrano. As part of the proposed expansion, SDG&E wants to demolish this building.

SDG&E currently has two transmission lines at 138,000 volts each. They want to nearly triple the voltage running through residential neighborhoods and near schools by adding two more transmission lines of 230,000 volts each, while leaving in place one 138,000 volt line. You do the math.

Indeed, SDG&E admitted that the increased voltage will likely increase the electro-magnetic fields known as EMFs. SDG&E tries to dismiss concerns over health impacts from prolonged exposure to high levels of EMF by saying it’s not proven, but, there are scientists on both sides of the issue. Some insist it causes higher incidences of brain tumors in adults and childhood leukemia.

ABC and CBS local news have both aired stories about residents living near transmission lines and substations who are convinced that stray voltage in their neighborhoods have caused a host of health issues including cancer and birth defects. Many San Juan residents agree, and are concerned that living close to transmission lines has caused them to develop cancer and other serious health problems.

Please join us to fight back against the threat that this project poses to our town and our neighbors.

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