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Please help by signing our petition, and join us in letting the SJC Chamber of Commerce know that you, as a resident of San Juan Capistrano, or one of our neighbors, do not agree with their decision to support the SDG&E Expansion Program. Local businesses and residents need to support one another!


San Juan Chamber of Commerce Petition

Dear Chamber Of Commerce Members:

As a resident of San Juan Capistrano, I find it very troubling that the San Juan Chamber of Commerce has chosen to support SDG&E’s current plan to enlarge the substation located at the northern end of our beautiful, historic city. The utility uses “Reliability and Redundancy” in its rallying cry to convince members of the business community that catastrophic power failures and gross economic losses will result if the proposal isn’t brought to fruition. Proponents of the plan have encouraged neighboring, more affluent communities to support the plan for similar reasons, as well as to avoid any such construction in their own backyards. A reliable, redundant source of power could be (should be) built on available land to the east of San Juan, which notably would place it closer to the majority to be served. Even the CPUC preferred two legitimate alternatives. SDG&E has admitted the plan is not for the benefit of San Juan, but rather “to serve the region.” It seems far too many local business owners have been convinced that historical San Juan’s more Hispanic oriented neighborhood should provide the energy for the thousands of upscale homes to the east, present and planned. Is political, social, and financial clout at work?

The draconian “enhancement” plan would severely and negatively impact many residents in the densely populated area surrounding the substation off Camino Capistrano. SDG&E’s EIR readily admits to this. The inherent threats would be both immediate and permanent. The proposed 5 1/2 year construction would threaten health, quality of life, and home values on both an immediate and a permanent level.

Short term, nearby households would suffer from cumulative poor air requiring closed doors and windows in the many homes that have no AC due to our temperate climate and proximity to the ocean. Citizens will face the practical inability to use park, pool, and outside patios due to similar constraints. Think asthma, emphysema, OCPD, etc. complications.

Significant and unavoidable partial and full road closures (including Camino Capistrano, the main artery through town) would cause delays for residents and non-residents alike; disruption of bus services and possibly electricity and water would add to the maelstrom, and inability to maintain clean homes, patios and cars in the face of drought-driven water restrictions would further disrupt the lives of nearby residents. Inherent construction noise will add to the total dismal effects. Do you truly believe all of the above are insignificant inconveniences?

Long term, the effects of EMF emissions, as demonstrated in substantial studies, concerns residents in an area already with a high rate of cancers. Such perceived dangers and the monstrous industrial addition in the neighborhood will dramatically decrease home values.

The proposal involves the demolition of a nearly 100-year old building being considered as an historical site and the erection of multiple-storied industrial eyesores (exceeding the city’s building code) with higher towers. Is this what you really want to greet visitors at the northern entry to the city? Do you plan to add it to the “must see” list of places to visit while in town?

Finally, for the past few years, citizens have been encouraged to “Shop San Juan.” I encourage you to reconsider your previous alignment with the SDG&E proposal. Rather, consider the moral prerogative and support the citizens of San Juan as you would like us to support you.


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