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About US

The residents of San Juan Capistrano need your help to make sure this SDG&E substation expansion never happens.

We are a grassroots group of  San Juan Capistrano residents who strongly oppose the SDG&E Substation Expansion Project in our beautiful, historic town. We are organizing and rallying neighbors, friends and the community over the proposed expansion of the SDG&E Substation.

Our goal is to reach as many citizens of San Juan Capistrano as possible, and make them aware of the threat posed to the health of our residents and the blight that would become a permanent scar at the entrance of our village if this project is allowed to go forward. As San Juan Capistrano residents, we feel that we have been entrusted with protecting this rare and precious spot that we call home, and that is what we intend to do.

We want to ensure that new high voltage transmission lines are not built near our homes, schools, public parks and environmentally sensitive areas which would threaten the health of our families and community.

Please join us to fight back against the threat that this project poses to our town and our neighbors.

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